The Heirloom Chef

The Heirloom Chef builds a more connected, intimate relationship between you and food: food that brings back the traditions of eaiting with care and sharing nourishing food with loved ones.


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  • Connected - Personal relationships with food producers connects meals to local farms, local artisans, and the seasons.
  • Intimate - It becomes possible to gather regularly, at home, over delicious food.
  • Tradition - Food infused with love for clients and for the earth.
  • Nourishing - The Heirloom Chef can act like a personal trainer for a diet with on-going, personalized support. Menus are customized to specific tastes and made to meet health goals.

The Heirloom Chef supports the community through offering delicious meals for those amoung us who are leading the direction of social change, healing, and teaching.


Maggie Lawson / The Heirloom Chef Photo / Steve Babuljak /

Chef Maggie Lawson Founder and Chef for the Heirloom Chef Chef Maggie Lawson began cooking nutritious meals at the young age with her mother's support. Her own family's commitment to sharing seasonal meals inspired her present love of preparing food and traditional fare.  Since 2004, Maggie has been working as a personal chef and nutrition educator in Berkeley and Oakland with clients ranging from life coaches to busy social entrepreneurs who desire scrumptious meals for their families.

For more information, please contact Chef Maggie at or by phone at 510.395.0205.

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