Cooking Classes

“Be your Own Personal Chef” classes will teach you how to cook healthy food, plan meals, and create sustainable healthy habits for life.

Classes are private and available in your home in San Francisco, East Bay, and Marin These classes will help you learn:
  • How to cook 2-3 meals for your week
  • Understand how to eat, prep and cook for your special diet
  • Simple cooking techniques that will allow you to gain lasting skills – like how to combine flavors, do a mise en place, organize yourself to be efficient, knife skills, and cooking without recipes.
Whatever your challenge, we give you the practical tools you need to make lasting changes. So that you can feel in control of your food life by knowing how to cook healthy, simple but delicious meals that make all the difference in your life and in your health.
The process
  • Over email, you schedule a time and we will meet on the phone for a 15-minute introductory call.
  • After your book the call, you will receive a food questionnaire to fill out.  This will serve as your food blueprint and will inform the menu.  You will receive the menu we will cook, which includes between 2-3 entrees, enough food for a good part of the week.
  • We will either meet at the grocery store or I can shop. Then together, we will prepare 2-3 meals where you will learn all of our personal chef secrets – organizational techniques, simple tweaks to cook better food, knife skills.  Basically, everything you need to learn to feed yourself great food for the week.
What you get. These classes will leave you with enough food to eat for the week, as well as the skills to cook like a personal chef for the future. Send us a note here to book your first session and we will get back to you
  • A 4 class investment is recommended because the more you learn, the more ease you will have in the kitchen and in your food life.
  • 1 custom class, 3-5 recipes: Starts at $350 plus grocery cost
  • 4 classes, 12 meals: starts $1200 plus grocery cost
Classes are also customizable.  We all offer group classes.  Send us a note if you’re looking for something specific – we can work with many different requests and budgets. Ready to learn how to cook like a chef? Reach out and we’lll put it in our books.
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