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We are open and happy to serve our community during COVID-19 crisis. The Heirloom Chef infuses flavor and nutrition into comfort food-focused cooking, adapting to the seasons and any dietary restrictions.



Chef Erika is co-owner and the Bay Area Head Chef of The Heirloom Chef. She received her training under the skillful hands of several of the Bay Area’s finest women holistic chefs. She enjoys using her connection to the seasons and her study of herbal medicine to create events ranging from intimate dinner parties to large grand events. She has also worked at Esalen Retreat Center, Earthaven Institute, and has been trained in traditional Mexican Cooking. She has been working as a doula for over ten years. Erika loves combining her passion for working with new parents and her dedication to cooking while working for new parents in the first few days and months of parenthood. One of Erika's favorite dishes are traditional bone broths because they are so nourishing, easy to make, and deeply healing.



Chef Maggie Lawson is co-owner of The Heirloom Chef. She began cooking nutritious meals at a young age with her mother's support. Her own family's commitment to sharing seasonal meals inspired her present love of cooking and traditional fare. She draws inspiration from East Bay farmers' markets, food-justice activists, and local writers and artists who weave their magic around cooking. Since 2004, Maggie has been working as a personal chef and nutrition educator in Berkeley and Oakland. Her clients range from life coaches to busy social entrepreneurs that desire scrumptious meals for themselves and their families.



Chef Emily has worked in food for over ten years, and loves sharing this passion. She spent six years working as the Lead Chef Educator for Edible Schoolyard New Orleans where she taught seed to table nutrition education and culinary arts. Chef Emily loves creating healthy flavorful food and inspiring excitement about food for others. As a teacher and trained social worker, Chef Emily loves working collaboratively with clients to meet their needs and health goals through the nourishment of healthy and delicious food. She is inspired by her two homes: the deep flavors of New Orleans cuisine and the bounty of fresh seasonal produce of California where she was born and raised. Chef Emily views food as an essential ingredient in holistic well being.



Chef Anna is a professional dancer and chef. Her work with food is a meditation on the balance between nourishment and narrative. Every menu tells a story and those stories are what keep her alive in this work.She is in search of flavors that transport her to a joyful memory or a lifelong dream. She invites clients to reflect on, "Where are you in your life? How can I honor that with my craft? I want my food to tell your story. I bring my love for local seasonal produce and compassionately raised sustainable meats to your table in an intuitive way that highlights the joy of eating and resonates in your soul. "



Dinner last night was superb!! We were incredibly impressed with how well the food was prepared, the exquisite taste as well as how clean the kitchen was when we got home. I loved the salmon and broccoli and the mocha creme was delicious!! I absolutely love that vegetables and high fiber foods are part of nearly every meal. I never eat vegetables (generally because they don't usually taste good), but the fact that Chef Maggie is including them in all the main meals and makes them they taste wonderful is absolutely awesome!!.

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