Our Story

Our founder, Maggie Lawson, began working as a personal chef for health-conscious individuals in 2011. She launched The Heirloom Chef to be able to support herself as an artist and share her passion for healthy food. Erika Minkowsky, who had worked with a number of chefs in the Bay area, joined Maggie in 2013 to help grow a business that was expanding to include more and more small events along with the in-home personal chef offering.

As The H.C. continued to expand and more chefs joined the team, Erika took on more of a leadership role. She became co-owner of The Heirloom Chef in 2020 when Maggie moved to Cincinnati to start our sister company, Goosefoot Cook and Grow. Erika’s previous experience as a Union Organizer has been instrumental in shaping our culture and business.

The Heirloom Chef is one of the few places in the East Bay and San Francisco areas where one has access to a great team of personal chefs, and we look forward to continuing our mission to make this an excellent service for you and your family, as well as being a great place to work.

We have been featured on NBC News, SFAGATE, and Mt Diablo Magazine.


The Heirloom Chef is a women-owned company dedicated to creating a just and inclusive workplace for our team. We value professional development, social and earth justice, and collaboration. Our employment offerings include part-time and full-time opportunities with flexible scheduling and accrued paid time off.

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