Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services

No need to wait until you’re famous to have your own chef!

Are you dealing with a food allergy? welcoming a new life into the world? undergoing a surgery or dealing with a health crisis? We can make a menu to match any taste buds, food needs, and provide the support you need! Here’s how it works:

  • We schedule an over the phone consultation to take an in-depth look at what we can do to take the overwhelm out of your weekday meals.
  • We send you a detailed questionnaire so that we have a tight overview of your preferences.
  • You choose a package option (they start at $350 plus groceries). We plan a menu based on your preferences and dietary needs. We will even coordinate with your health care professional if needed!
  • We send you the menu in advance and once you've given us the thumbs up, we go out and shop for the best quality, nourishing ingredients we can find, ensuring you get the freshest, healthiest food possible.
  • We cook all the meals for you drop off at your doorstep a week's worth of meals. We store them to best maintain freshness and with reheating instructions. If you love it, and feel famous, we'll set up a weekly or bi-montlhly schedule!


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